ACE Advocates - Insurance Claims Services

Claims Assistance

Firstly, we have a thorough understanding of the insurance claims process. We will do an extensive review of your insurance policy and product disclosure statement to ensure that we understand the full level of entitlement of your cover.

Secondly, we can advise you about the potential pitfalls so that you can avoid them. For example, does your home insurance policy cover rental assistance, and if so for how long? Is there a cap and are there circumstances where this cap can be extended? When you ask these questions you might be surprised to find that the answers can change depending on the approach you take with the insurance company.

Researching and preparing a claim
Researching and preparing a claim

Claims Preparation

For home insurance claims, we coordinate experts such as building inspectors, building surveyors and structural engineers. Reports are prepared so that the insurance company is made aware of the extent of the repair works that need to be undertaken and so that you have solid evidence based independent reports to support your claim.

Claims Management

We can help you if the insurance company disputes or rejects the independent reports that we provide and a complaint has to be lodged with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA).

Our goal is for you to achieve the best result possible based on the insurance product you have purchased

Making a complaint with AFCA
Making a complaint with AFCA

What can an ACE Advocate do?

  • arrange for the relevant claim form to be sent out for completion
  • advise you of the documentation required to support your claim
  • submit the claim form to the insurer on your behalf
  • inform you of appointments with assessors, inspectors and trades.
  • liaise with your insurance company to resolve your claim
  • keep you informed on the status of your claim until your claim is finalised
  • record interactions with the insurance assessor, builders and trades such as phone calls, emails and meetings
  • conduct a site assessment before and after the scope of works has been completed to ensure that the proposed works are appropriate.
  • check the scope of works for errors or omissions
  • arrange for the appropriate independent professionals to prepare reports to address any errors in the scope of works such as a building inspector, building surveyor or structural engineer
  • arrange an independent quote for the repair works to ensure that the proposed settlement is accurate and realistic
  • follow up and liaise with the insurance company to ensure that the claim is progressing
  • follow up with the insurance company‚Äôs internal resolutions team if the claim is denied
  • submit the claim with the Financial Ombudsman if the claim is rejected by the internal resolutions team.